Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My daughter and I spent some Quality time in a Quaint little town, we walked down the Quiet street.
The only thing missing was some Quail running across the road

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My new job is getting easier, whew! The weather is fantastic, the food...oh my the food!
I met a old man that lives here, he is a big photographer and photoshopper.
He pops in everyday and gives me little tips and brings me pictures that he has
taken...I am so excited to be learning from him!
We had a nice leisurely walk through the farmers market again this evening


Annesphamily said...

This a great post! I love it a lot! Come see my "quaint" post!Thanks for sharing! Anne

Amanda said...

Lovely picture-- I always love spending some quality time with my daughter!

Viki said...

Great picture. It's always so fun to go to quaint towns. I love them.

Adrienne said...

Love your photo! So glad things are settling down for you and that you have a fellow photographer to share his knowledge and experience with you.

Anna said...

Yep! Quaint, quail and quiet are all good Q-words.
Best wishes,

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Very important to spend quality of time...
pleasure to know you..
Mine is here
Happy Sensational Wednesday!

Jo said...

beautiful photo ... i love little quaint towns and places

laterg8r said...

love the beautiful gate :D

Terra said...

Quite cute!

Jenny said...

Oh, I am so glad to hear you are liking your new job!

And thanks for sharing this lovely peaceful post with us on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Q"!

I really enjoyed this stop!


Steph said...

Sounds like a nice day with your daughter. I love the roses over the gate. It's neat to hear that you are enjoying your job and making fun relationships that go along with the things you enjoy. Lovely post.

Christy said...

I love quaint little towns - they have such character! Nice post.