Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Calif. Flea Market

We found out there was this little Antique Street Faire Flea Market in Pomona, so Stacey and took off to check it out Sat. morning

Love this vintage bike

My big purchases. These little tiny frames...cant wait to repaint them

Posted by PicasaI broke one of my test tubes so I found a replacement, I'll show you what it goes on, next post. Love this metal piece. I got all my goodies for $6
Let me take a moment and tell you about my day.
We woke up early to get to the Flea Market.
When we arrived back home Stacey got a phone call. She has a special ring tone
for important places she has contacedt for jobs..
she got a call...on Saturday..they asked her if she wanted to come in for
an interview...On Saturday?! She said ok...I decided I wanted to go with her...guess where the job is...Hollywood. I figured if this was another 1 minute interview, we could bum around Hollywood for awhile.
Off we went...EVERY freeway we got on there was an accident. It took us 2 hours to get across the city, should have taken 45 minutes.Glad we left early. The plan was to get
a bite to the time we got there, there wasn't time. We found the Apartment Complex, it is two blocks away from the Kodak Theater and Grumman's, the heart of Hollywood. WOW ! So, I waited in the car, I forgot my cell phone, so I didn't leave. It was getting to be about hot, I went and stood in the shade...and hour later she comes out.
pretty much with the job. But, she had to go meet the owner...which was in we got on the freeway again...with another accident and drove and drove. We went to his house, which is unusual. He told her he wanted to call her references and pretty much, she has the job. wow. We will know for sure on Tuesday.
She got a little teary when she told me "no cats" These cats have been her
babies for 4 years. We love them to pieces and dont mind a bit having them, but
I know its going to hurt her dearly to leave them.
The plan is to work for this co. for 6 mo to a year, and then look for another job
where she can have cats. As you know, its easier to get a job, when you have a job.
It was hitting 4:30 and we still had not eaten a thing, so we called my husband, he drove to Glendale and met us at his favorite restaurant. Then it was time to rush home
to watch the Lakers win the game...whoohoo...
What a day
We laugh about the contrast from the $430 apartment in Salem, to the $1350 apartment
in Hollywood.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Sweet finds today, Laurie! And woohoo for Stacy!! I'm sorry about the no cats rule, tho.

Love that door face plate! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Sherry Goodloe said...

You're probably not used to all the traffic we have out here either huh? yikes!

Glad to hear that Stacey's job hunt was a success. I'm sure she'll find a place that will take cats. Six months will fly by quickly! I mean really, look, half the year is almost gone. Yikes!

Looks like you're finding your way around quite nicely. San Juan Capistrano is nice, huh? You'll have to try The Ramos House for brunch. It's a little pricey, but . . . :)

The Joy of Nesting said...

Woooo Hoooo!! Little Miss & Missita (my Spanglish!),

I'm sorry I have fallen soooooo far behind. Have been in a sorta codeine fog for a couple of days. Stepped off a curb misjudging it's height. The good news I didn't fall or turn anything to break. Not so good news was my knee absorbed the shock :( Enough whining. Tell me what has been going on???? I miss you guys!!! But I'm so happy and proud of you!! You Rock Little Miss!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Adrienne said...

So when I come to visit you can take me to Stacey's place and show me around the town! Praying for her to get the job.