Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally- Some Photos

We are living in a garden setting. There are flowers and Roses everywhere. The smell is heavenly
The paths to the apartments are well groomed and beautiful

The pool is lovely...but cold

Another garden path...and you notice...the SUNSHINE

And then there are lemons. Yes, there is a large lemon tree which, if I could just
reach them, I can have the lemons
There is a quick little tour.
And for those of you just checking in, we made the move to California to be
property managers of an aptartment complex.
We moved from rainy Oregon to Sunny California.
I'm loving my job, love the people I work with.
Love the sunshine, So far so good.
Tomorrow is Alphabe-Thursday...any Idea what I will be showing???


Adrienne said...

Oh, I love it! Your new home is gorgeous - and just what you dreamed of. I'm so glad you are happy there and that things are working out well for you. Can't wait for the day I can visit you there and see it for myself. A stroll through the gardens and the walkways with you would be such delight!

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

Isn't sunshine wonderful? It lifts one's spirit. Your new place in CA is lovely.

Sharon said...

I had not visited for awhile and thought you were nuts. I knew you were in Oregon and when I saw the sunny pictures and the lemon tree well I thought she's dreaming. Lucky you! A warm sunny new home. Can you believe we had snow falling yesterday here in N. Bend WA. They say it is going to warm up starting today. I sure hope so.Congrats on the move.

Connie said...

I KNEW you'd love it there, sweetpea. We'll be down there tomorrow for a visit with kids.

Lisa said...

Oh I am so glad you are getting settled in! I know you enjoy the sun!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Welcome to Cali-for-ni-a! *smiles*