Friday, October 5, 2012

Painted Pumpkin and Black Bird

8 x 10 canvas. I wanted lots of texture. I put down a layer of scrapbook paper with mod podge, I put a layer of gesso over that and it started lifting when I has drying it with a paint remover gun. (should have just used the reg gun) Anyway, I put the whole thing underwater and scraped off what would come off. Which really left me  with a mess. I slathered on gesso, then layers of paint, following with 2 step crackle which I put on real thick. Burnt umber was used to define the cracks. Then I painted with acrylics. I am still going to a banner of sorts to the top. I just dont know if I should write "FALL" "HARVEST" "AUTUMN" any ideas?

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Martha Lever said...

This is really a cool page. Love the crackle! And YES, I am so excited about the class with Dreama. I am not sure if we will all paint the same thing but I bet we will. Can't wait!