Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bird and Bowl Sketch

I'm taking an oil painting class tomorrow...just for the day. Its at Newport Beach, it suppose to be warm and sunny. I did this sketch last night, I'm thinking this may be what I paint. Now if I can decide if the are lemons or eggs, I may just end up with a bowl full of flowers.


Emille said...

That's a great sketch! I perused your blog a little, and I think this is up to now the best I've seen! (I'm an artist) Maybe you are more of a sketch artist...great bones in your sketch! I know an excellent one on Blogger -his name is Adebanji based in London (he's African, looking at his name). Have to look if he's on my bloglist and will add him today (if he's not), so you can see his work! Have a great weekend!

Emille said...

Tried to add him on my blog list, but it didn't happen (no feed), so I'll give you his URL
Good luck!
If you still can't reach him, he's on the bloglist of my other blog, and that link did work. My other blog