Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canvas in Progress

 I thought I would document my large canvas. It is going in my office, which is yellow and purple. I have a canvas I painted for spring/summer and for winter...but nothing for fall. Here is my first installment ....

 I tried Martha Stewart's crackle crackles. weird
 So, after I glazed over the crackle, I added Deco art's 1 step crackles...again
 I went ahead and glazed over it with Burnt Umber and Raw Umber. I like the finish, but I'm so disappointed in the crackles I used. I LOVE the 2 part system...I went to 5 stores and cant find it. I did find it online, but by the time you pay shipping it is soooo expensive.
This is what I got done yesterday, I did get my design sketched on with chalk...on to the painting today.

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