Saturday, October 13, 2012

A New Set-Up and Oil Painting

 Above is the picture I took yesterday, lots of glare
 today I got this photo tent for $10 off craigslist. I will be putting a light above next time. I tried different setting on my camera, I need to reset the white balance
 No glare, I was able to get up closer
Here is my next 6x6 canvas...I went to Aaron Brothers today to look for a frame...not one 6x6
I found some online, I just want to purchase a couple to see how they actually look framed.
tomorrow I'll show you my bucket of paints...and hopefully a new painting,
What I'm finding is this...I see areas that I want to rework when I put it up on the computer,
I guess thats a good thing.
until tomorrow....

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