Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Trip

 Have you seen the new show $24 in 24...well, he went here and made these stuffed potato balls, so I ordered one...ymmmmmm

 Then we went to Tori Spelling shop
 She has these chickens like the real one what has at home...sooo cute
 Then we came upon Melissa Joan Harts sweet shop, shes from "melissa and joey"" Sabrina the Teenage Witch"" Clarissa Explains it all "
 Next door this pizza place has won awards...delish!!
Stopped by a Cheese Place and when you opened the bathroom door, this guy was here to greet you...scared me for a second  Had a fun day in Studio City

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Martha Lever said...

I have enjoyed looking at your wonderful paintings. Your flowers are really nice. This is the frame Dreama uses and it comes in a 6x6 size.