Friday, October 12, 2012


 So, I'm a big fan of Martha Lever. She is inspiring me to get back into oil painting...on small
substrates. One of the classes she just took, said that these boards are fabulous to hold onto your small board then the whole thing can set in your easel...It comes from Carol Marine, she sells them, but...
being the impatient person that I am...I had some boards and a saw and I got to work. Its all glued up
I painted mine black thats a small canvas board in the center...anyway, I'm a happy camper! Now I need to get an easel...I sold mine when we left Oregon,
 I have been on Craigslist...Craigslist down here is hard work.  There are 3 cities that I have to check, one is on either side of us and then there is one below us.
L.A., Inland Empire, OC (orange county)...then I have to see how far away, sometimes its an hour and half, and with gas the price it is down here (highest in the country)...I want to find one close...I'll let you know if I get one tomorrow...that my plan.

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