Friday, December 28, 2007

Funny regift give-a-way

We have been managers of these Townhomes for over 7 years...We have NEVER received a gift from the owner. We have only met him 3 times...So Out Of The Blue...we received a box from this man...ummmm we were really excited...tore open the box (after shaking it, of course) and lo and behold....FRUITCAKE!! WHAT??!! FRUITCAKE...nothing in 7 years...then FRUITCAKE!. Who eats Fruitcake??? So, do you guys believe in regifting??? I'm going to give this BEAUTIFUL YUMMMMY expensive fruitcake to the first person that comments that they WANT it!! Yea!! I just know I am going to find SOMEONE that wants this DELICIOUS fruitcake.LOL
I would call her the winner, but really! Its a FRUITCAKE!! LOL
I think if anyone else tells me they like fruitcake...that Connie should
share the gift...what do you think!! LOL


Miss Rhea said...

Ok, TOO FUNNY !! But, I DON'T want it !! lol

Hope said...

Hi Laurie,
I'm so happy you stopped by to visit my little blog today. I've never been to Oregon but we traveled from VA to Maine this past summer and I saw so many places that looked like home.

I'm new to blogging since Nov. and I get excited when I get new visitors. Please come back and see me again. Now that I've found you it will take me days to read all about you and your crafting in the archives.

You may not believe this but I'm one of the very few people who love fruitcake. Yes, you heard me right!! lol I would love the prize!! I can't believe Rhea turned it down!! lol This is too funny!


Jan Scholl said...

is it vegetarian or did they use lard? my gramma always used lard. She larded everything. Grampa would stop at the butcher and get a pound of lard. NO wonder my whole family died of heart disease. They were larded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie!! This is too funny!! LOL Happy New Year Laurie :) Jenn and Jacqui xo

Connie said...

Nice to meet you, Laurie. I'm a virgo also! I agree with you about fruitcake. It's probably something he received as a gift. Hah. I love your sense of humor also. Visit our blogs often and you may laugh a lot. Where in Oregon are you? I'm near Boise, ID. Happy New Year, chickie!!

Sugar Bear said...

eek! No thanks! At least he remembered!

Miss Rhea said...

Ok, Connie is threatening to send me part of her fruitcake !! Stop her Laurie !! lol Gee Gaw !! lol

Vicki C said...