Friday, November 16, 2007

Winner! Needles!

And the pencil and snowman card go to....Cathy Meyers...Thank you for your nice comments! Ok, I am to stressed out to put a photo on tonight...I went to the Dr. today for a pre-op for getting my mole removed. I waited in the office for 55 min. then the Dr. spent all of 4 min. with me. This is what the Dr. told me...he is going to put a needle up through my gum up into my cheek to a nerve that is up there, then he is going to put a "contact" in my eye to protect it from the lazer...I dont wear contacts for a reason!!! I dont like "things" in my eyes!! Then he said he was going to put numbing drops in my eyes. Then he will lazer, and wipe, lazer, wipe, lazer and wipe, untill it is all gone. Then when I get home I get to put frozen peas across my eyes...after I take my vicadon......I just told you what he said....Here is what I heard...."I'm going to put this foot long needle up your face as far as it will reach, then Im going to put a saucer in your eye, after pouring novicaine into my eyes", then " I'm going to lazer, sandpaper your face, lazer, sandpaper, lazer, sandpaper" "oh yeah, you might want some vicadon to kill the pain!!! "
My only question when he was telling me was....WILL IT BE ALL GONE. He said "yes". Its rainy and ugly out so I think I'm just going to crawl into bed. I'll come back tomorrow and show you the goodies I've been working on, and Im going to a sale tomorrow."Molly Mo's". Isnt that the cutest name!!


vickie said...

Oh Laurie, that sounds horrible! Be sure to take the vicodin!
Take care and get better soon,

ScrapMomOf2 said...

OK, what did you say after needle? Something about sandpaper? I think I fainted a little!