Sunday, January 23, 2011

Addicted to sunset at the Beach

So, on the way down to the beach to have dinner and watch the sunset...

We passed this sign as we were coming into Newport Beach...

Stacey said "Thats the guys shop from the show Storage Wars"
Its an interesting show where there are all these people bidding on storage units that people have left.

Well, we stopped in, and here he is...not a nice guy. He bids on units that he doesn't want, just so the other guy has to pay more...we actually saw some of the things we saw him win on the show...
That was our Sat.
We went to Temecula today, pictures tomorrow.
I've need to take pictures of the things I'm working on.
I'm sewing, painting, soldering...busy, busy. Lots of fun.

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Adrienne said...

Not a bad addiction - sunset at the beach! So glad you're enjoying everything your 'new' home has to offer.