Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Air Show!!

Our new buddy Frank, said he would come pick us up at the entry gate and take us in the
back way....whata guy!!! This isn't him, But the smellllll, can you smell it?? ahhhhh

This guy was coming in for a landing. I must say, I have never been to an air show...this is a tiny one, we loved it. It was cold and windy and foggy, not the same as 2 days ago when we went.

There was also a car show going on, so as we were leaving....I had to get a couple of shots. I want to play with this on in Photoshop. Can you imagine riding in one of those today...

This guy was a hoot. He is soooo big, it took him 5 min. to get in his car

I love old trucks, this was a beauty.
These photos I took in low res.
I'll get Staceys and downsize them to show you great photos.
She took 3 photos from a couple of days ago and framed them
to give to our new friend Frank. He just loved them.
oh yes, between the two of us...380 photos today...
and this is what I show!!!

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Adrienne said...

What fun! I love old trucks, too. They have such character.