Monday, January 31, 2011

Lace and Lace

I thought I would share my lace with you...
the above picture is how it will end up in my book
Here it is with a little coffee added to it

Here is the beautiful lace as I found it

I go to our local Goodwill and look for clothing with texture
and is marked down half price. This had no label, I'm wondering
if it was hand made
I cut a chunk out of it, it dyed beautifully
I will sew it in my book

Then I found this skirt. I loved the lace on the bottom

with coffe, it looks old

And, here it is part of my book.
This is what I did on my day off today


Penny said...

Your lace is so dreamy and pretty. I cant wait to see your whole finished book.


ramona said...

To find treasures in the Thrift stores is one of life's simple pleasures. How fun it is find something for just a few dollars that can be transformed into something so beautiful. I too look forward to the unfolding of your book.

Lisa West said...

What a great idea. I have lace, doilies and hankerchiefs from the families old farmhouse. Do you just sew them in layers onto the pages of the book? I'll keep my eye out for your finished product. Lisa