Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My day off and a bit of drawing

We went downtown to LA again...this time to Grand Central Station, had to try some hand made Pupusa's. Yummm. Cheese broccoli for me.

Then last night...I started my Misy Mawns online class...stretching with in...yep, she is going to stretch me. I am rusty, after some warm up exersises, I got to work...something I want to learn to do, just for me...faces...so I pulled this out of the mag. and gave it whirl...I'll be giving it another whirl

and another and another....Went to a tiny art supply store too. Didn't NEED to buy anything,
but I felt like a kid in a candy store...ever felt that way??? I picked up new earsers, and a stump.

This is my doodle page

We are to pick up something to draw, everyday for 5 weeks. I have a faux
pear...here it is, day one...PEAR
This class is just what I need right now!!!
Oh, if you've been following along on my adventures...
Stacey met up with our "airplane Frank"
last night, I cant wait to hear how it went.

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