Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photos Around LA

Stacey and I had another day to do what ever we wanted. We didn't have a plan, we decided to go to downtown LA again. Love the old buildings I'm so glad they dont tear down all the old to make room for the new

We thought we would go to a goodwill in Hollywood, it wasn't any good. So we thought
we would continue on. We had to stop at a light, I love this Cafe picture

Did anyone watch Design Star?? Antonio won, then on his show
he redid this little shop. The white palm trees are still ther and so are the dogs.

We had to stop for this! What a wonderful sign, have no idea
why it was there...see the landslide in the background

As we were driving...we looked up on the hill and saw the Observitory, the
fog was lifting just a little, we put on Veronica...yep
Veronica our KNOW how snootie the GPS lady IS! So
not to offend anyone if your name is Veronica, but we whet
with Veronica from the Archie comic books.
We drove up the hill, lots and lots and lots of people.
there was a guy saying to head back down the hill.
We never could find a place to park. We will not go
on a Sunday at 1:30 again...but we were
able to stop a couple of times to take pictures.
Cant wait to go back.
On the way home, we stopped at a garage sale and picked
up a very expensive cabinet for $20, just barely fit in the
Hope you enjoyed your trip around LA
Stacey shared more photos of the air show with Frank
He loved them, how great is having the internet???!!!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What great pics of the old buildings, Laurie! Love the Californian sign, too! You will love it at the Observatory. Lots of great views and the oddest collection of people, too!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

I'm here from Misty's class, just checking out the blogs :-) love your LA "tour" - I also live in Southern CA if you ever want to meet up for a sketching jaunt and cup of coffee! I'm in Pasadena, but close to the Gold Line. Have you explored Olveras St and Little Tokyo yet? Or the garment district? The theatre district is also pretty neat!