Wednesday, March 2, 2011

early morning

I'm going to be taking another photography class...Slice of Life..she has a Tuesday weekly prompt. This week it is early morning. So, for my first photo in that group is this grapefruit. It was picked right off the tree...uneatable!!! SO SOUR., but the coffee was good!
On to the class with Christy Tomlinson...lots of texture and layering, stamping and brayering
wonderful class. Face was harder to do on a bumpy surface, but I'm still practicing...
Shes not quite done...but I want to get started on another. We are suppose to do 3 this week.
Oh, the girl is all made from cutting out different papers, Her stockings are from a little tiny french dictionary.


Anonymous said...

Cool. I like the layering. I really enjoy mixed media! I took a class on glosses and layering, it was fun.

Penny said...

I love the way your new piece is turning out.


Sharon said...

I love your picture! Would like to see all of them when you are finished!