Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New addiction!! BIG SHOT

Where do I start?? Maybe it was Youtube that got me hooked, or going to new scrapbooking shops...Maybe it was the online class with Christy Tomleson, I'm not sure who is to blame...but it got me addicted...
It all started with pulling out my scrapbooking, I'm not a all, ohhh but I love the pretty papers. Painting is my when I can mix the two...oh, I'm in heaven!
Then I saw a birdcage...not just any birdcage...a Tim Holtz birdcage die...What did it take to make this beauty??? Yes...a BIGSHOT. I had to have IT.
So off to Amazon I went...and now I am the proud owner of this wonderful new toy!
I then spritzed, pounced, sprayed, my new cutouts. What is funny, I've had the dies for the flowers for a looooong time. I have a Wizard, it just doesnt do the trick like this. I am using my wizard for other uses, the company would probably cringe...I flatten my vintage silverware through it.
I wanted the bird to show up so I put it through to give it this design, then tinted it, then added Goldens pearl over top. I'll probably hang something in the holes at the bottom, but I got so excited I had to share. If you have one of these Bigshots, I would LOVE to hear what you do with yours.


From The Heart said...

I enjoyed this post very I do all your creations.
I'm still not sure what a Big Shot does..I guess cut designs?
I really like your blog..though I might not always comment..I never miss it!
Have a great day,

Halo Hill said...

Very cool! I have a Cricut now and just love it. Is that kind of what your big shot does?


Diane said...

Laurie, did I answer your question about which machine I have? I bought the Cuttlebug. I see you have the leaf die! Love that one! This little gadget is the most fun thing ever!

Diane said...

PS: And your collage is SWEET! Not surprised to see a chubby little bird in it. :-)

Mary said...

Omigosh, what fun! Your work is so beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. I'm very glad to have found you. :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh gosh don't you just love that birdcage die! I bought myself a TIm Holtz Vagabond for Chrismtas and it is to die for. No more cranking, just push a button. Right up my alley! LOL

Glad you like the tags!

StaceyReneeWright said...

how exactly do you get those words unto the painting? they fade in and fade out and it is just gorgeous!

StaceyReneeWright said...

how exactly do you get the words on the background like that. i would love to know!! awesome stuff, really awesome.