Monday, March 28, 2011

Poor Sweet Kitty

Update on our kitty. When we got him dry, we noticed he was still coated in oil. We went to the pet store. Nothing they had said it would help get the oil out of his fur. We mentioned our delema to our maintenance guy...he said "they used Dawn on the animals after the oil spill" So, we put on our gear again, sweatshirts, jeans, hopped in the shower, soaped him down. He loved it, (thank goodness). We got nice toasty towels to warm him up.. We have our furry kitty back!! Hes in a little bit of a bad mood, but that will pass after a good nights sleep.


Lisa said...

I am so sorry I didn't see your first post! Dawn rocks!! We keep it at the hospital for anything that will hurt an animal. We mostly use it for applying Dog flea/tick drops to a cat. Will kill a cat! I am glad he is all fluffy now!
Hugs, Lisa

sonya said...

I had a cat that fell into a plastic tub of transmission oil! I knew if she licked it, it would kill her. So I filled the tub up with dawn soap and warm water deep enough that she would have to swim and put her in it and shut the shower doors. She swam around as I watched her putt, putt, putting along! After a bit I took her out and then drained the tub and put clear water in it. Back in she went. And she was beautiful again! (Once she was dry):)That Dawn soap is wonderful stuff! That's what they used on the animals that were caught up in the oil spills too!
I'm glad your kitty is doing better.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Well, bless his little oil slicked self! And what a great endorsement for Dawn detergent!!

Adrienne said...

So glad your kitty is clean - and happy - again!

Britt Brannan said...

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