Friday, June 20, 2008

A few oldies

I made a big mistake with my daughter...when she was 7 she went to 4 H...When they had their show she entered watercolors and oil paintings and cake decorating. As you walk around you can hear the judges and then they write on the tag...well, they thought she hadn't done the painting herself...she had a brush in her hand at she it isn't her design...but she did ALL the painting herself. That had such a negative impact on her, then in grade school she had molded a girl, sitting on a bench playing the piano (when I find it I'll share it) In order to get it done she was allowed to bring it home to paint it. Well, she had a liner brush to use for the keys...not one of those crummy brushes that they had around for years...The teacher told her she was going to get an F because she didn't do it herself...she came home in tears...I stormed back to the schools, with my brushes that she had used, and a box of paints and EXPLAINED that I had not touched it and she is quite capable of painting it herself...but the damage was done. It is so sad what damage adults can do. Oh yes, the cake, I called and asked what the cake should be on, they said to cover a board with foil, which we did...they didn't judge her on the cake decorating...they said that they didn't like what the cake was sitting on, the one that won was in a cake box...Stacey still blames me for that I have had a horrible week, this post will probably reflect


Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

When I was in elementary school, I liked to use the smaller brushes to paint flowers for the assigned art projects. My mom was, and still is, 'artsy' and had taught me how to do a few basic things. I remember walking up tot he teach and asking her for some smaller brushes. She refused (probably was too lazy tog et up and find them) saying something derogatory about how I should paint my paintings with big brushes and not fiddle around dabbing at the painting with the little brushes. It was much meaner but I can't recall her exact words. How pathetic that one person can do so much damage through their own preconceived notions and prejudices. Sure, a child can be a musical prodigy, but if the adult doing the judging can't paint or sculpt or play as well, then surely, neither can the child.
There are other stories I could tell of crazy teachers and the run ins I have had with them, being so strong willed, but I'll spare you.
I took up painting a couple of years ago, but I do not put a great deal of practice or dedication into it. I hope your daughter will heal in time and take it up again.

Anonymous said...

That sounds terrible, your poor little girl! Let's hope she has better teachers in the future that will erase that negative impact. No matter what your parents say, you want to hear it from someone else. I'm still waiting for my perfect little bird pin cushion! I watch everyday to see what you have created next! I'm enjoying the watching!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, that is terrible!! I would have told them all off! Poor girl!!! By the looks of those paintings, she is VERY talented! Those are beautiful!


Connie said...

She has proved them WRONG and that is the sweet revenge, my little cutie pie!!

Dolly said...

My daughter had a similar experience!
All thru grade school her art teachers saw her potential....she excelled....
then we moved to the country and the teachers could not apreciate her artistic abilitys so they knocked her down!
Lowered her confidence!
She went to collage for art.....
{to be an art teacher}
and her professor was a total jerk!
She quit and refuses to go to another school! It breaks my heart to see her waste such talent!

I am so sorry for your daughter!
We as moms have to build their confidence and help them past the jerks in the world!

Hugz, Dolly

Sweet Repose said...

When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher told me that I was coloring all wrong and made me do it all over three times. She told me it looked terrible to color out of the lines (I was shading) I have been painting ever since, not letting her ignorant comments ruin my craft...but I never forgot...sharon

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

All it takes is a negative comment to really put you off, your daughter is very talented.She should shine !!
Have a good weekend take time for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, Your daughter's artwork is wonderful! Those little snowmen have such character! I wish there were a magic wand that could zip the lips of such unkind teachers. My daughters experienced similar mistreatment, as did I from time-to-time in school. Those teachers need to remember that one of the primary purposes of teaching is EMPOWERMENT. I work in art licensing and I can tell you that your daughter's snowmen have a LOT of potential.