Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Special Addition

Heres a late addition...Do you remember that black sofa that my daughter wanted at the Z Gallery at Bridgeport, that cost a small fortune...They called her today and said they would sell her the floor sample for 60% off...WOW. So she called me hyperventilating...MOM!!! WE HAVE TO GO
N*O*W!!! So in a flurry, I called my husband saying " HELP ME!!!" So he was able to rush home (remember here, she is an only child.LOLOLOL) So...not knowing anyone with a pickup at a moments notice...off we went to rent a truck from Home Depot...drove a half an hour praying it wouldn't rain...oh yes...a very large black cloud was hanging about. We called ahead and got dinner to go from our favorite Pastini. I ran and got that, Stacey went in to finish paying for the couch, my husband tried to find a place to park....All is well, Stacey is happy, I'll take a photo tomorrow. My little canvas'...will be done tonight!! Yea!


Karen said...

That's great! I guess she wished well :) and her wish came true!

Karen at Ciderantiques

Lori said...

i love when stuff like that happens...congrats to your daughter!!!

Diana Lyn said...

Yippe! cannot wait to see it, Don't you just love it when God blesses us with Great deals! POST IT POST IT!!!!!!!!! XO Diana Lyn

Sugar Bear said...

Fun story! Happy endings are the best.

SweetAnnee said...

what a great mom & dad

I love the couch
and the pillows and drapes