Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Idea!

A friend of mine mentioned making a birdie to go on the shoulder of a maniquin. What a great idea is that!!! So this is the first one, I'll show you another tomorrow. Anyway, I made the little pincushion to fit into the center of the wonder vintage flower that had other little flowers around cool is that! I put a piece of wool on the bottom to help stabilize it. Well, of course, after I made it I thought of other on a little childs chair, sit it in a birds nest. It can still sit on top of a tea cup, or just perch her on a shelf. I would love to hear other ideas! I put this little guy back on Ebay...sorry, for those of you who cant stand ebay...I will try to work with both the etsy and the ebay.
I also added this one to Ebay...I LOVE the handle on this...A little black rub on letter in the blank spot, wouldn't that be a neat thing to do. I used Martha Stewarts brown glitter for the pin tops,to go with the polka dots
I'm working on more goodies...oh yes, please check back tomorrow I will have a little primitive fourth of july birdie.......


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I am in love Laurie! What a beautiful beautiful idea!!!!

And your new spoon birdie is gorgeous! I love the pattern of the spoon!


Cathy said...

Laurie, I adore your birdies. I am so lucky to have one. I received it as a Christmas present. Wasn't that just the sweetest gift ever?

I love the Bridal birdie. But then again ~ all of your birdies are perfection!

xo Cathy

rose said...

oh Laurie
what beautiful ideas ,love both of them It would be so hard to just pick one

Connie said...

You make the most DARLING birdie "vignettes", cupcake!!

Michaele said...

Beautiful beautiful! I'd love to see some of your birdies as brooches- that way we could wear one on a lapel, or pin one to a purse, or a hat, or scarf...


TattingChic said...

Both your birdies are are all of them.