Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've been busy

This top picture was painted by the wonderful Kijsa of Kari and Kijsa
After I painted my picture I contacted Kijsa for permission to show it on my blog.
She wrote back the nicest letter granting me permission, what a wonderful gracious lady!!
Kijsa's painting is for sale, you may contact her.
We all know how much we love Kari and Kijsa.
I have been working on changing the look in my office.
I remembered seeing one of Kijsas wonderful paintings, thinking it would go with
the look of my office, sooo I painted this using Kijsa's painting as inspiration.
I have a red wall in the office entryway, so I wanted to incorporate a touch of red, I added a bit of red boarder. I had one day to redo my office, I got it all done, the shopping plus the painting...the only problem I had was when I was screwing in my brackets with the heavy duty power drill, it slipped off the screw and so I was drilling the philips into my finger...I'm not a crier...but boy did I let loose. Stacey just thought I was upset until I showed her my finger...its amazing how much blood is in
I bought this clock because of its size and colors
A quick stop at Ross Dress for Less...3 curtains for $3.00 each, new black brackets
Well, this doesnt look very good...but it does look very nice, I painted the edge of the desk.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

It looks beautiful Laurie! I love the paintings! What a deal on the curtains too!


Donna Lynn said...

I love your room re-do, the black is just striking, and the painting goes so well with what your will have to take a long shot so we can see it all together!

Anonymous said...

It looks great to me! I love your painting and the clock is really neat! Great job on everything!

Lori said...

your room looks great!!! i love both of the paintings, yours and Kijsa's!!! i hope your finger is healing well, please be more careful next time you are using power tools:)

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

love the colors and the paintings!

Julie said...

Love that painting!!!!